Dave - "Azma"


Nik Vitanza is a southern New Jersey based tattooer. An avid artist specializing in watercolor,using his skill to create original tattoo flash. Within the last 13 years,he has ventured into every style of tattooing from American traditional to horror portraits and everything in between. Nik is always sure to provide a clean and sterile environment. He will also give proper instruction of aftercare all while meeting or exceeding your expectations. When he is not listening to the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack,he is spending time with his two boys.

Mythic Ink

3 N. Broadway Pitman, NJ 08071



Mike has been tattooing since 2009 in both Philadelphia and South Jersey. He specializes in illustrative and fine line tattoos, but loves to tackle all styles to stay well rounded. To further his understanding of the craft Mike began fabricating and creating his own tattoo machines thus kick starting the Tattoo Machine company Illadelphia Irons in 2012, and has sold hundreds of tattoo machines to artists all over the world. He continues to push his tattooing to further perfection and understanding in all medians of art.

Dave was born and raised in Southern New Jersey. He has experience in all types of art including oil, aerosol, pen and ink, etc. Dave is well known for his 3D graffiti style and attention to detail. He has been tattooing since 2008 and has a deep devotion for the craft. He specializes in photorealistic work, portraits, and anything black and grey. Dave continues to grow and fine tune his craft. He takes pride in what he does and provides clear advice to his clients around the healing and application process for all tattoos to ensure that all of his clients are satisfied with the quality of his work. His client base is growing due to his honesty, attention to detail, and care for his craft.


Krystal Morris has been piercing for almost a decade.  She thrives in professionalism and strives for perfection.  Krystal always goes the extra step to insure a clean and comfortable piercing experience.Fueled by her fascination for the science and the art of body piercing she is constantly learning and growing as a body modification specialist.