Tattoo Aftercare

1. In as little as 1 and a max of 3 hours remove seran wrap we put on following tattoo procedure.

2. Wash tattoo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap
3. Wrap tattoo completely in saran wrap before bed for the first 3 nights and shower immediately after removing the wrap.
4. Be sure to clean all built up discharge firmly after removing saran wrap, this is the most important step to help the tattoo not develop scabs due to the discharge drying on the surface of the skin
5. After day 3 apply a thin coat of any non-scented hand lotion (Aveeno, Aquaphor, TattooGoo Lotion) to help with any dry skin
6. Do not pick or scratch when tattoo peels. Avoid getting dirt, make-up, and hair products in the tattoo area. Do not touch with dirty hands.
7. No swimming or soaking the tattoo area.
8. Avoid direct sunlight and/or tanning while tattoo is healing, this will help to keep the colors bright.
9. Allergic reactions to the tattoo ink is uncommon, but is a possibility. Immense itchiness and breakouts around the tattooed skin are a sign. Contact your tattoo artist immediately; vitamin E lotion will be recommended.
10. Tattoo may be infected if there is a prolonged period of pain, swelling, pus secretion, and/or red streaks extending from the area.
11. The tattoo artist can usually solve your problem, but in the case of intense infection please see a physician.